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We understand the stress, anxiety and frustration which can result from an injury. We know how difficult it can be to remain hopeful when financial pressures are looming.Let us apply our proven track record of success to your case. Your job is to recover from your injuries. Our job is to tkae on your legal struggles and to win you the compensation that you deserve.


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Focus on Summertime Recreational Activities

With Summer in full swing, we are focusing on recreational activities, such as travel, cruises, and air travel.

Injuries can occur anytime and anywhere, even when on vacation. If an accident occurs, please call us for help.

Have a happy and safe summer. 

Preparing for Your Vacation and What to Do When You Get Injured

It is not a picnic to get injured on vacation. Unfortunately, accidents are unpredictable and can happen anywhere.

This article provides some important tips for both before and during your trip to keep your and your family safe. more >

Getting a Recovery for Cruise Ship Accidents

The cruise industry has a special set of rules which can be traps for injured passengers. Typically, such rules are spelled-out in the ticket, which is a multi-page form or buried in the cruise brochure.

This article provides a critical overview of that all passengers should be aware of before booking a cruise. more >

Getting a Recovery for Airline and Airport Accidents

Air travel is very safe. Fortunately, aircraft crashes and fatalities are a rarity.

Most accidents are more mundane, such as a trip and fall at the airport terminal and luggage falling from an overhead bin onto a passenger.

Read on to learn about typical airport accidents and what to do if they happen to you. more >

Getting a Recovery from an Uber Car

Uber and its competitors have been in the news in that New York City is considering limiting their expansion for a number of reasons, such as an increase in Manhattan traffic and competition to the yellow cab industry.

From the viewpoint of the injured person, can Uber be held liable along with its driver? more >

From Our Case Files

$550,000 for Hospital’s Failure to Detect Breast Cancer - Our client, a young lady, had a regular mammogram at her local Brooklyn hospital. The hospital failed to diagnose and report to her the beginnings of breast cancer which could have been treated at an early stage. Unfortunately, the cancer was detected when it had advanced to stage IV and was inoperable. The case was handled with our medical malpractice counsel.

$375,000 Settlement for Foot Fractures from a fall - Our client tripped and fell in his Brooklyn apartment house’s public hallway which was being reconstructed. Wooden planks rather than solid flooring, such as plywood, were used for the temporary flooring. This provided an unstable walkway. The planks moved causing the client to fall and sustain fractures to his foot which required surgery.

$175,000 Settlement for a Fractured Clavicle and Torn Rotator Cuff during Construction - Our client worked for a contractor renovating an apartment in Queens. He sustained a fractured clavicle and a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery when a door fell on him. The door had been taken-off the door frame and was stacked astride a wall. There were significant issues of how the accident happened as well as whether defendant was responsible for the door.

$175,000 Settlement for Sidewalk Fall Resulting in Jaw Fracture - The client tripped and fell on a sidewalk defect in front of an apartment house in Brooklyn. She sustained a fractured jaw.

$125,000 for Torn Meniscus from a Sidewalk Fall - The client tripped and fell due to a broken sidewalk on West 34th Street in Manhattan. She sustained a torn meniscus which did not require surgery. The client had pre-existing injuries.

$125,000 for Fractured Hip in Nursing Home - Our client, a resident of a nursing home in Queens, fractured her hip. We claimed that the nursing home staff knew that she was a fall risk, but it failed to supervise her and left her alone when she was standing while washing.

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