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Focus on Dangerous Sidewalks & Sharing Services

Year round dangers such as broken sidewalks and “sharing” services are on our minds. We would like to provide you with an overview of the responsibilities of the adjoining landowner in such cases.

If you or a family member has been injured, please call us as soon as possible so that we can conduct a proper investigation, such as taking photographs of the scene before circumstances changes. 

Dangerous Sidewalks

The law requires that the adjoining owner keep the sidewalk in a clean and safe condition. That means that the owner must keep the sidewalk free and clear of debris, ice, snow, and other obstructions. 

If you have been injured as the result of a broken sidewalk, you may have a case. more >

Who Is Responsible for the Sidewalk?

Who is responsible for an accident due to a fall from ice on a sidewalk? Who is liable for a trip and fall from a cracked and broken sidewalk?

The answer depends upon where the accident took place. In New York City, as a general rule, the owner of the adjoining premises is liable for dangerous conditions, such as snow, ice, debris, and a broken and cracked sidewalk. However, there are exceptions. more >

Snow and Ice Accidents on Sidewalks

After the snowfall, the owner is granted a reasonable amount of time to clear the snow and ice and to make a path. The owner does not have to shovel until the snow stops.

With ice cases, we urge early investigation. In the past we have been able to get to the scene in time to photograph the snow and ice before melting. more >

Be Aware of Risks When Using Airbnb and Uber

There are potential insurance issues which would affect an injured person’s recovery in an accident involving a so-called “sharing” service, such as Airbnb and Uber. We can foresee situations where an injured person may be without a recovery.

If you are using one of these services, be aware of the risks. more >

From Our Case Files

$475,000 Settlement for Death Caused by Failure to Diagnose Liver Cancer - The client, a Metropolitan Museum guard, died from liver cancer. There was a one year delay in diagnosing the cancer on an MRI in June, 2010, which showed spots on the liver. The doctor told the client that the spots were trivial and that no further work-up was required. The client had further MRI’s in 2010 and 2011, and the doctor told the client that the mass was not cancer. In fact, the doctor should have followed-up since the MRI’s showed evidence of deadly liver cancer. This case was handled with our medical malpractice counsel.

$300,000 Settlement for Construction Accident Involving a Falling Pipe - Our client sustained a shoulder injury (rotator cuff tear) requiring surgery. He was part of a team demolishing offices in Times Square. A metal conduit pipe fell from the ceiling and hit him on the shoulder. We claimed a violation of Labor Law 240 which protects workers against falling objects. Our claim was hotly contested based on unclear legal precedents, and our client was not assured a recovery in court. The case was settled in a mediation.

$230,000 Settlement for Ceiling Collapse in Florida Motel - The client sustained lower back injuries requiring surgery as a result of a ceiling collapsing on her while in the bathroom in her Florida motel room. The motel had the usual defense of “no notice.” The case was settled in pre-litigation with the assistance of our Florida counsel.

$225,000 Settlement for Ankle FractureThe client tripped and fell on the sidewalk outside her apartment. The defect was a construction trench which was not properly filled-in. Defendants included the utility and the private property owner. She sustained various injuries including a fractured ankle which required surgery. There were no lost earnings.

$225,000 Settlement for Auto Accident - Our client, a pedestrian, was struck by an inattentive motorist. Our client sustained a fractured knee (tibial plateau) which required surgery(open reduction and internal fixation) and about four months out of work. Fortunately, the client, a school nurse, was able to return to her normal activities after her convalesce. This case was settled at mediation.

$219,000 Settlement for Construction Accident - The client sustained a torn rotator cuff (shoulder) requiring surgery. He had tripped over the stub of a pipe on the roof of a new Upper West Side apartment house under construction. The pipe stub was sticking-out of the roof and was intended to be hooked-up to an outdoor stove. The client was backing down a dolly filled with construction material from a ramp from the elevator. The pipe was located at the end of a ramp from the elevator, and the ramp could have been placed in a safer place so as to prevent a tripping hazard in a heavily traveled area.

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