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$150,000 Award for Hip Fracture in Automobile Accident

Our client sustained a non-displaced hip fracture which required the insertion of a screw to reduce the fracture.

There were significant issues of liability against our client.  Nonetheless, Arbitrator Kenneth Grundstein of National Arbitration and Mediations Services (NAMS)  awarded $150,000.

Michael Goldfarb handled the arbitration.

$150,000 Settlement for Fall Due to Dangerous Entry Gate at Private Home

We obtained a settlement of $150,000 for our client’s fall at the entry gate of her daughter’s home.

The client had a hip fracture.

The gate was at the public sidewalk and was the entry to the home.  This was the sole means of entry in that the remainder of the property had a wall adjoining the sidewalk.

The entry had been recently constructed and appeared to be sound.  At first glance there appeared to be nothing wrong.   Furthermore, the client had visited the home numerous times before the accident.

However, we sent our engineer to the site.  He found that the entry gate was placed one step from the sidewalk did not have an adequate landing.  It violated the building code.

The case was settled by Mirsade Bajraktarevic.

Getting a Recovery for Stairway Falls–Slippery Stairs

Stairs must not be slipping hazards.   This is because one’s descent down the stairs is inherently dangerous due to gravity.

However, sometimes an interior designer loses sight of this common sense rule.  The designer is guided by  the beauty of the design rather than function.

Here is a staircase of a South Korean clothing store:

ARTICLE: ZB 103</p>
<p>Flannel &amp; Suede

Notice that the stair treads are made of the same polished wood as the wall.  It is beautiful, but very dangerous.  A safer design would be to have a tread made of a slip resistant material.

It is very possible after a few accidents the store may have to install non-skid strips, such as this:

We have seen various stair installations get non-slip strips after an accident.

It is also a better safety practice to have the stair treads in a contrasting material or color from the adjoining wall and risers so that one is given a visual cue that there is a step.  A visually impaired person may have difficulty spotting the edge of the tread.

In stair accident cases we often send an engineer to the site for his opinion as to whether there were violations of the building code and engineering standards.  We are surprised at how often stairs  in new and well constructed public spaces are dangerous since the interior designer was motivated by appearance rather than safety.

We have handled many stairway cases.  If you have been injured due to a stairway fall, please feel free to call for a free consultation at 800-581-1434.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

$150,000 Settlement for Sidewalk Fall

We obtained a settlement of $150,000 for our client’s injuries from her fall on a broken sidewalk.

The client, an elderly woman, fractured her hip when she tripped and fell on a commercial street in Flushing, New York (Queens).  The client was inconsistent as to the location of the defect.

We were settled at a mediation held at JAMS before Mediator Ronnie Bernon Gallina.  Michael Goldfarb of our firm handled the arbitration.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

$190,000 Settlement for Automobile Accident Injuries

We obtained a settlement of $190,000 for our client’s back injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Our client was a pedestrian, and he was struck by a black car livery vehicle.

Our client had an extensive of back pain before the accident.  He visited the orthopedist a few weeks before the accident where he complained of severe pain on a scale of 9 of 10 (with 10 being the highest).  He also had injections to his back five years earlier.

Michael Goldfarb of our office settled the case.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

$390,000 Settlement for Back Injuries at Construction Accident

We obtained a settlement of $390,000 for back injuries that our client sustained when he slipped and fell at a construction site.

Our client was working on the roof of a New York City public school building in Staten Island.  The client slipped when he walked through a puddle on the roof.  This was a violation of the Labor Law section 241 (6) and the Industrial Code.  These laws require that work surfaces have to be free of water.

The settlement was excellent on two scores.

First, the client’s workers’ compensation insurer waived its lien of $193,348 for past compensation and medical paid.   Therefore, the client did not have to pay any of his net settlement to his compensation carrier.

Second, the case was fraught with procedural and factual problems.

For example, the client came to us too late to file a notice of claim against the owner, the School Dormitory Authority.   Therefore, we could not include the owner in the suit, and we were missing an essential party.  Also, the client made inconsistent statements about the date of the accident, and this inconsistency could have resulted in a dismissal.

We successfully have handled construction accidents.  If you or a family member have been involved in a construction accident, please feel free to call us for a free consultation at 800-581-1434 or write to

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


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