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Spring is here!

Can Summer be far behind?

The snows and sudden freeze-ups of March are now a memory. Our Spring newsletter focuses on warm weather activities, such as safety on the road.

As always, we are here to serve you regardless of the season.

Cell Phones, Texting, Apps and Traffic Accidents

A new, dangerous trend in driving is increasing auto accidents: cell phones, texting, apps, and driving. All lead to driver inattention and accidents.

Although there has been no definitive study linking the use of cell phones to an increased accident rate, there appears to be a general consensus in the insurance, automotive, and police sectors that the use of cell phones is a cause. more >

Uber and Ride-App Car Services - More questions than answers

Uber and other ride app companies (e.g., Lyft) have opened new frontiers not only in transportation but in car accident law. This article discusses some of the challenges.

We will examine Uber, the giant of the industry, but these issues apply to all other ride app companies. more >

New York’s Law on Cell Phones and Driving

New York’s law requires some revamping in view of the explosion of texting, apps, and emails on cell phones. The State should look into upping the penalties.

It is illegal to drive while holding an electronic device and taking a number of actions as detailed in this article. more >

Dog bites and animal attacks

The law sets certain protections for the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack. However, the law also sets certain burdens on the victim.

This article explores the ramifications of injuries from various types of domestic, farm and wild animals. more >

Will New York allow suits for injuries caused by non-violent pets?

New York requires proof that that a dog exhibit prior, violent propensities in order to hold the owner liable for a dog bite.

What happens in a situation where the animal does not attack but causes harm due to its owner’s negligence? more >

From Our Case Files

$475,000 settlement for failure to detect liver cancer - The client had liver imaging tests, and his general practitioner told him that the spots were benign. In fact, further tests indicated that the client had cancer which could have been detected and treated earlier. The initial imaging was misread. The cancer was detected too late causing the client’s death.

$450,000 settlement from ankle and foot fractures - The client was a pedestrian, and she sustained fractures to her ankle and foot which required surgery (open reduction with internal fixation). Defendant conceded that he missed seeing the client cross the street.

$250,000 settlement for summer camp accidentThe client, a 15-year-old girl, sustained a fractured skull when she fell from a golf cart. Fortunately, the child did not require surgery, and she was able to catch-up with her school studies. The young lady, now 18, graduated high school with honors and is studying in Israel.

The child and her bunkmates were given a ride on a golf cart around the camp’s running track. The cart was overloaded with youngsters, and the client stood in the back basket which was intended for golf clubs. She fell from the cart on a turn. The counselor should not have allowed the golf cart to be packed with campers, and she should not have permitted the client to stand in the basket.

$200,000 settlement for motor vehicle accidentOur client, a pedestrian, who was struck by a yellow cab. She sustained a leg fracture with surgery and insertion of hardware (open reduction with internal fixation).

The case is interesting because it demonstrates the importance of maintaining your own insurance with the best coverages that you can afford. In this instance, the yellow cab had insurance of $100,000. The cab’s insurer offered the $100,000. Ordinarily this would have been the end of the story. However, the client had her own auto insurance, and she had underinsurance of $200,000. This protected her if her injuries had a value in excess of defendant’s coverage. In this case, the injuries were worth more than the $100,000 from the yellow cab. We settled with the yellow cab, and then we proceeded with the client’s own insurance carrier, Geico. The $100,000 that the client received from the yellow cab was an offset from her $200,000 underinsurance coverage. Therefore, her own insurer paid $100,000, and the client’s total settlement was $200,000 ($100,000 from the yellow cab and $100,000 from her own insurer). If the client did not have this superior insurance, her recovery would have been limited to $100,000 from the yellow cab.

Please remember that prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes. These cases are cited solely as illustrations of the variety of our work.

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