This article originally appeared on View it here. Do collection problems reflect client discontent? To answer this question, Carol Schiro Greenwald asked attorneys about their perceptions of the linkages between client satisfaction and law firm approaches to billing. By Carol Schiro Greenwald | July 15, 2021 The business side of lawyering is about revenue generation,… Read More

The good news is that you will have medical insurance and lost income coverage.  And you may also have a lawsuit against the negligent parties. If you were a pedestrian or bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle (car, bus, truck, or taxi), the motor vehicle’s insurance covers you for both medical and lost income.  This… Read More

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In the past, a pedestrian needed to be alert to avoid cars, motorcycles, and an occasional bicycle.  Now, the sidewalks and streets have become a battleground with standard bicycles, pedal assist bicycles, and motorized scooters. Motorized bicycles, such as pedal assist bicycles, can be very dangerous. Did you know they can reach speeds up to… Read More

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The civil courts closed from about March 16th  to mid-June.   The courthouses closed, and the courts did not permit the filing of new lawsuits. Although the courts are technically open as of mid-June, in reality, they are operating at one tenth capacity.  There are no court conferences or other appearances in court.  Some court conferences… Read More