This article was originally published in the New York Law Journal. For this edition of her Business Development Best Practices column, Carol Schiro Greenwald interviewed a panel of solos and lawyers in small to midsize firms and synthesized their comments on the impact of remote working for firms and practices. By Carol Schiro Greenwald |… Read More

This article originally appeared in the New York Law Journal. In her Business Development Best Practices column, Carol Schiro Greenwald shares insights gleaned from her interviews with lawyers on how they use videoconferencing today and how they anticipate using it once the pandemic is behind us. By Carol Schiro Greenwald | January 08, 2021 COVID-19… Read More

The civil courts closed from about March 16th  to mid-June.   The courthouses closed, and the courts did not permit the filing of new lawsuits. Although the courts are technically open as of mid-June, in reality, they are operating at one tenth capacity.  There are no court conferences or other appearances in court.  Some court conferences… Read More

It is well established law that the bereaved family has the right to get possession of the deceased as well as have a swift burial.  An associated right is that the body should not be harmed or damaged.  It should be surrendered intact to the family.  The law recognizes that there can be great emotional… Read More

Last summer we wrote about Citi Bike’s recall of defective e-bikes which caused the operators to be thrown suddenly when braking.  Citi Bike acknowledged the bikes were defective and recalled them.  Incidentally, Citi Bikes has brought forward a new e-bike available for rental. We had three clients who were injured by these Citi Bikes, and… Read More

It’s a battlefield for pedestrians Aside from regular cars, trucks, and taxis, New Yorkers have to share the road with bicycles, scooters, and even unicycles. The Coronavirus crisis has caused increased ridership in bikes and scooters especially e-bikes and e-scooters.   There was a move to legalize e-bikes last summer, but it got stalled over the… Read More

As the impact of the Coronavirus is being changing daily, so is the law on recovering for injuries and death due to Covid-19. Effective August 3, 2020, the Governor signed into law a bill amending the Legislature’s recent grant of limited immunity to healthcare providers and institutions.  Therefore, if you have a potential claim for… Read More

In view of the pandemic, the Legislature has extended the time that survivors of child sex abuse can bring suit to October 4, 2021.  Originally, the statute of limitations was in August of 2020. The law allows adults to bring damage suits for sexual misconduct that they suffered as a child at either school, an… Read More