More than six million drivers get into auto accidents that injure three million people annually. Driver speeding, large SUVs, and inattention because of car and cell phones contribute to the problem. A serious injury can affect your work and your family’s lives for along time.

Here are ten specific and immediate steps to take if you are in an auto accident.

  1. Try to remain calm and thoughtful.
  2. If you are injured, stay in your car – unless it’s dangerous to do so.
  3. Wait for the police and medical help.
  4. Inform the police about the accident for the official report.
  5. Record all witnesses’ names, addresses and phone numbers.
  6. Confirm whether you were wearing a seat belt, which is the law in most jurisdictions.
  7. If you are injured, insist on being transported to a hospital in an ambulance.
  8. In all instances, obtain medial treatment immediately. Tell medical personnel about everything that you feel may be physically wrong.
  9. Refrain from taking legal referrals at hospitals.
  10. Do not talk to insurance reps until you contact a lawyer.

If you have any questions of have been involved in an accident, please contact our office by calling (800) 581-1434.