Biking within New York City has increased. So, have pedestrian accidents.

As one living and working in Manhattan, I have seen the great increase in bicycling for both pleasure and business, such as commuting to work. E.g., bicycle lanes have been constructed on major avenues, and the Citi Bike ride share stations have expanded to the boroughs. A new ride share company is entering Queens and Brooklyn. These new share bikes do not need to be docked in stations.

What is a pedestrian to do?

Some safety suggestions

  • Exercise utmost caution in crossing a street even if you have the light. Many bicyclists do not observe the lights. Many travel the wrong way even on dedicated bike paths. Look both ways. We cannot stress this enough especially with the increased use of motor assisted bikes.
  • Do not assume that bicyclist will use the bike lane. Daredevil bicyclists travel with traffic in the vehicular lanes. Many bicyclists also go the wrong way on the dedicated lanes.
  • In the event of an accident, call the police to the scene so that a report can be made. Insist that the bicyclist stay and identify himself to the police.
  • Get the name and the address of the bicyclist. Many bicyclists are delivering food, and they work for a local restaurant. Also get the name of the restaurant. Some might attempt to run from the scene, but, try to keep the cyclist present.
  • Be sure to carry you own health insurance. As compared to a motor vehicle accident, there is no medical insurance for a pedestrian hurt by a bicyclist. The injured pedestrian must look to his own insurance no matter how serious the injury. We recently handled a bicycle injury where the injured client had no health insurance, and he will have to foot the bill for surgery and doctors.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, please call since early investigation can help your case.