Biking within New York City has increased. So, have pedestrian accidents. As one living and working in Manhattan, I have seen the great increase in bicycling for both pleasure and business, such as commuting to work. E.g., bicycle lanes have been constructed on major avenues, and the Citi Bike ride share stations have expanded to… Read More

The law sets certain protections for the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack. However, the law also sets certain burdens on the victim. I. Dogs and Cats In order to recover, the injured person must show that the dog or animal was vicious and that this vicious propensity was shown in prior… Read More

If you have suffered a business loss, these losses may include: Destruction to business premises Loss of inventory and supplies Business Interruption Many business owners choose to hire a public adjuster to handle their claim with the insurance company due to the complexity or volume of their loss. Destruction to Business Premises A loss to… Read More

We Won $260,000 Accidental Death Benefits We obtained an award of $260,000 from the insurance company which had denied our client’s claim for accidental death benefits.  We won the full benefit based on our appeal within the insurance company. If your claim has been denied by the insurance company please call me immediately at 800-581-1434…. Read More

There are rules and laws regarding bicycling. Some are widely known, and some may surprise you. For example, The bicyclist is subject to all of the rules of the road and traffic that pertain to motor vehicle operators. Bikes are not be ridden on sidewalks unless the wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter… Read More

There are potential insurance issues which would affect an injured person’s recovery in an accident involving a so-called “sharing” service, such as Airbnb and Uber. We can foresee situations where an injured person may be without a recovery. If you are using one of these services, be aware of the risks. AIRBNB With Airbnb, you… Read More

Citibike has spread like wild fire from Manhattan to parts of Brooklyn and Queens. The growth of Citibikes poses some interesting accident and lawsuit issues. Citibike is a bike sharing business which has been granted an exclusive franchise from the City to erect bike rental stations throughout New York City roadways and sidewalks. Although Citibike… Read More

More than six million drivers get into auto accidents that injure three million people annually. Driver speeding, large SUVs, and inattention because of car and cell phones contribute to the problem. A serious injury can affect your work and your family’s lives for along time. Here are ten specific and immediate steps to take if… Read More

By Elise Alpert RN, MPA, JD Lipitor is in the class of drugs commonly known as statins. They use the liver to block the body’s creation of cholesterol, which is a key contributor to coronary artery disease. However, a number of studies have linked the drug to an increased risk of potentially serious injuries, including… Read More