A common question: Am I covered going to work? Many clients get insured on the way to or from their workplace. A frequent question is whether the client is covered under his employer’s workers’ compensation insurance? This is an essential question because workers’ compensation insurance is primary to automobile no fault insurance and health insurance…. Read More

Q: A pedestrian is struck by a regular pedal bike in Prospect Park, and he sustains a fractured arm. The police come to the scene and take a police report identifying the bicyclist. Are the pedestrian’s medical bills covered? A: Since regular bicyclists are not required to carry insurance, there is no automatic medical insurance… Read More

In addition to the dangers posed by regular bicycles, there are now motorized bicycles whizzing around New York. Most are operated by men delivering meals from restaurants and take-out services, such as Grub Hub and Seamless. Being struck by one is equivalent to being hit by a motorcycle. Some go up to speeds of 20… Read More

Each year we must turn away injured people who fail to get the police to report at the scene. It is imperative to have the police report to the scene and take an accident report so that the parties are identified, and the accident is documented. Documentation of the occurrence is essential. We have had… Read More

Biking within New York City has increased. So, have pedestrian accidents. As one living and working in Manhattan, I have seen the great increase in bicycling for both pleasure and business, such as commuting to work. E.g., bicycle lanes have been constructed on major avenues, and the Citi Bike ride share stations have expanded to… Read More

The law sets certain protections for the victim of a dog bite or other animal attack. However, the law also sets certain burdens on the victim. I. Dogs and Cats In order to recover, the injured person must show that the dog or animal was vicious and that this vicious propensity was shown in prior… Read More

If you have suffered a business loss, these losses may include: Destruction to business premises Loss of inventory and supplies Business Interruption Many business owners choose to hire a public adjuster to handle their claim with the insurance company due to the complexity or volume of their loss. Destruction to Business Premises A loss to… Read More

We Won $260,000 Accidental Death Benefits We obtained an award of $260,000 from the insurance company which had denied our client’s claim for accidental death benefits.  We won the full benefit based on our appeal within the insurance company. If your claim has been denied by the insurance company please call me immediately at 800-581-1434…. Read More

There are rules and laws regarding bicycling. Some are widely known, and some may surprise you. For example, The bicyclist is subject to all of the rules of the road and traffic that pertain to motor vehicle operators. Bikes are not be ridden on sidewalks unless the wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter… Read More