$800,000 Settlement on Disability Insurance Claim.

 The insurer denied that our client’s post-traumatic seizures were a disability. After extensive litigation our client received 100% of all past benefits plus five future years of benefits in a buy-out of the policy.

$750,000 Settlement for Construction Accident.

  The client slipped on a freshly painted surface.  He was caused to slip and hit the wall.  He did not fall.  One of the subcontractors painted a joist, and this was done without the client’s knowledge.  He was the supervisor of the project.  The client had a pre-existing back problem (two prior surgeries), and he had another surgery as a result of this incident.

$625,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Injuries.  

The client sustained multiple fractures to his leg.

$575,990 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Injuries.

 Our clients suffered a fractured pelvis, abdominal surgery and bulging discs.

$570,000 Settlement for Back Injuries from Trip and Fall.

 Our client tripped on steps when exiting a diner. Although she did not fall, the twisting of her back caused sufficient injury that eventually required a discetomy at L4-L5 and L5-S1. The owner denied that the steps were defective.

$550,000 for Hospital’s Failure to Detect Breast Cancer.

 Our client, a young lady, had a regular mammogram at her local Brooklyn hospital. The hospital failed to diagnose and report to her the beginnings of breast cancer which could have been treated at an early stage. Unfortunately, the cancer was detected when it had advanced to stage IV and was inoperable. The case was handled with our medical malpractice counsel.

$499,000 Settlement on Life Insurance.  

There were questions as to whether the deceased misrepresented his earnings when applying for the insurance.

$475,000 Settlement for Death Caused by Failure to Diagnose Liver Cancer.

 The client, a Metropolitan Museum guard, died from liver cancer. There was a one year delay in diagnosing the cancer on an MRI in June, 2010, which showed spots on the liver. The doctor told the client that the spots were trivial and that no further work-up was required. The client had further MRI’s in 2010 and 2011, and the doctor told the client that the mass was not cancer. In fact, the doctor should have followed-up since the MRI’s showed evidence of deadly liver cancer. This case was handled with our medical malpractice counsel.

$475,000 Settlement for Falling Kitchen Cabinet.  

The client, an infant, was struck on the head by a kitchen cabinet which came loose from the wall.  He had post-traumatic seizures which resolved.

$475,000 Trial Settlement for Infant’s Post-Traumatic Seizures.

  A kitchen cabinet fell-off the wall and struck the infant plaintiff of about 2 years of age.  The seizures had resolved, and there were issues of proving causation as to an alleged brain injury and the incident.  The case was settled during trial.

$450,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death.

 Our client was a motorcyclist killed in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey. We handled this case with our New Jersey counsel.

$450,000 Settlement for Knee Injuries from Ladder Fall.

 Our client was a roofer and fell from a ladder missing a rung. The settlement included a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien of $150,000 which means that the client did not have to pay-back any money from his settlement to his compensation carrier.

$425,000 Settlement for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome from Ceiling Collapse.

 Our client sustained serious injuries when a bathroom ceiling collapsed on her while she was at work. She developed post-traumatic stress syndrome, which prevented her from returning to work at American Express.

$400,000 Settlement for Back Injuries from Construction Accident.

 Our client sustained a herniated disc at: L4-L5 when he was struck by a falling metal beam.

$400,000 Verdict for Fall on Ice.  

The client slipped on ice in the entry hallway of her apartment house.  There was a persistent leak, and the building allowed the water to freeze so that the entire hallway was covered with a sheet of ice.  The client had a torn meniscus with surgery and chronic low back pain syndrome.

$400,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Injuries.

  Our client was a pedestrian and was struck by a police vehicle.  The client’s vehicle became disabled and came to a stop at the side of the highway.  He went outside his vehicle on the traffic side of his vehicle to check his damage when he was struck by a police vehicle which was speeding.  The client sustained leg fractures.

$390,000 Settlement for Slipping on Puddle.

  Our client injured his back while working on the roof.  He slipped in a puddle.  We claimed that the general contractor violated the Industrial Code by allowing a wet and slippery work surface.  The settlement included complete waiver of his workers’ compensation lien of $193,000.

$375,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Injuries.  

The client sustained a fractured hand as well as back injuries.

$375,000 Settlement for Foot Fractures from a fall.

 Our client tripped and fell in his Brooklyn apartment house’s public hallway which was being reconstructed. Wooden planks rather than solid flooring, such as plywood, were used for the temporary flooring. This provided an unstable walkway. The planks moved causing the client to fall and sustain fractures to his foot which required surgery.

$350,000 Settlement for Injuries to Cleaning Lady in Office Building.  

Our client, a cleaning lady in an office building sustained various injuries to her arms and back when a construction worker pushed a dumpster into her.

$350,000 Settlement for Neck Injuries from Motor Vehicle Accident.

 The client sustained a bulging disc at C5-C6 which required a discetomy.

$310,000 Settlement for Burn Injuries from an Explosion.  

The client’s case was settled during trial.  She sustained massive burns on her buttocks and leg, both requiring skin grafts, when an insecticide can exploded.

$300,000 Settlement for Construction Accident Involving a Falling Pipe.

 Our client sustained a shoulder injury (rotator cuff tear) requiring surgery. He was part of a team demolishing offices in Times Square. A metal conduit pipe fell from the ceiling and hit him on the shoulder. We claimed a violation of Labor Law 240 which protects workers against falling objects. Our claim was hotly contested based on unclear legal precedents, and our client was not assured a recovery in court. The case was settled in a mediation.

$300,000 for brothers with lead poisoning.

 The brothers lived in a tenement apartment with chipping lead paint. The boys ingested the chips and lead paint dust and sustained higher than normal blood lead levels. In a similar lead paint poisoning case, we obtained a settlement of $250,000 for a young girl with lead poisoning.

$300,000 Settlement for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from Ceiling Collapse.

 The client was injured in a ceiling collapse in the ladies room at her office. The collapse triggered post traumatic syndrome which prevented her from returning to work at American Express. She now occasionally cleans houses. The settlement included a waiver of the workers’ compensation lien of $119,000 which means that the client did not have to pay-back any money from her settlement to her compensation carrier.

$300,000 Settlement for Back Injuries from Fall at a Party.  

The client slipped and fell on a wet floor on the dance floor inside of a tent for a party at his college.  The client had prior back injuries, and this fall caused him to have back surgery.

$290,000 Settlement for Leg Fracture.

 The client fell on grease and oil in the basement loading dock at Chase Manhattan Plaza. He sustained a fractured femur requiring surgery. We were able to show that Chase Manhattan had prior notice of the condition. Fortunately, the client was able to return to his work as an armored car guard.

$290,000 Settlement on the Buy-Out of a Disability Insurance Policy.  

The client had back injuries which prevented him from returning to work as a truck driver.

$262,000 Settlement for Construction Injuries.  

The client fell when a painting scaffold collapsed.  He required surgery to remove hardware from his ankle from a prior surgery.  He also had a torn shoulder and surgery.

$260,000 Payment of Policy for Life Insurance.

  The insurance company denied the life benefit on the ground that the deceased died from an auto accident caused by her intoxication. We proved that she was not intoxicated and that she lost control of her car due to snow conditions. The case was settled pre-suit in an appeal to the insurance company under the ERISA law.

$256,025 Settlement for Dental Injuries.

 Our client, an elderly woman, sustained extensive dental injuries as a result of a fall. The case was settled after our appeal reinstated our verdict.

$252,000 for spinal injuries from a construction accident.

 The client fell from a ladder while doing electrical work in a new tenant space in the Empire State Building. The client had a significant time out of work, but he eventually returned to work. The outcome of this case would have been significantly different if the scaffold law were changed. Click here for more information on the scaffold law, “After the Cranes Collapsed”“Workers Rights Are in Danger”

$250,000 for innocent bystander injured at a construction site.

 The client, an innocent pedestrian on the sidewalk, was injured when he was struck by a plank which was thrown from a construction site. He sustained various injuries including post-concussion syndrome.

$250,000 Verdict for Lumbar Discetomy from Bus/Ambulance Accident.

 Our client underwent a laminectomy at L3-L4 and L5-S1. She had prior back problems.

$230,000 Settlement for Ceiling Collapse in Florida Motel. 

The client sustained lower back injuries requiring surgery as a result of a ceiling collapsing on her while in the bathroom in her Florida motel room. The motel had the usual defense of “no notice.” The case was settled in pre-litigation with the assistance of our Florida counsel.

$225,000 Settlement for Ankle Fracture.

 The client tripped and fell on the sidewalk outside her apartment. The defect was a construction trench which was not properly filled-in. Defendants included the utility and the private property owner. She sustained various injuries including a fractured ankle which required surgery. There were no lost earnings.

$225,000 Settlement for Auto Accident.

 Our client, a pedestrian, was struck by an inattentive motorist. Our client sustained a fractured knee (tibial plateau) which required surgery (open reduction and internal fixation) and about four months out of work. Fortunately, the client, a school nurse, was able to return to her normal activities after her convalesce. This case was settled at mediation.

$225,000 Settlement for Multiple Fractures for Pedestrian.

 Initially this case was referred to us by a leading law firm, which concluded prematurely that only $10,000 coverage was available. After an exhaustive investigation we were able to prove the existence of a $250,000 insurance policy.

$220,000 for ankle fracture.

 The client, a salesman at a real estate development, fell into a trench when he attempted to warn-off a trespasser.

$219,000 Settlement for Construction Accident.

 The client sustained a torn rotator cuff (shoulder) requiring surgery. He had tripped over the stub of a pipe on the roof of a new Upper West Side apartment house under construction. The pipe stub was sticking-out of the roof and was intended to be hooked-up to an outdoor stove. The client was backing down a dolly filled with construction material from a ramp from the elevator. The pipe was located at the end of a ramp from the elevator, and the ramp could have been placed in a safer place so as to prevent a tripping hazard in a heavily travelled area.

$200,000 Settlement for Torn Meniscus with Surgery.

 Our client was restricted from returning to work as a house painter.

$200,000 Settlement for Construction Accident.  

The client was struck by a backhoe and sustained various arm injuries which had resolved.

$200,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death of An Elderly Man.

 The decedent had no lost earnings and no conscious pain and suffering.

$200,000 Settlement for Property Damage to Building Due to Construction.

 Our client’s brownstone in Harlem was damaged due to the construction of a new apartment house on the adjoining lot. The new building not only encroached on our client’s property, but the construction caused shifting and cracks. The settlement was unique in that defendant did not use his insurance. Instead, he made the repairs and built an additional floor on top of the client’s home, all at defendant’s cost. As part of the deal the client forgave the encroachment as well as assisted the builder in getting a zoning variance.

$190,000 Settlement for Property Damage to Building Due to Construction.

 Our client’s row building in Brooklyn was damaged due to the excavation at the adjoining property for the construction of a nursing home.

$185,000 for back injuries sustained from a fall from a stool.

 The client sustained serious back injuries due to a defective stool in a McDonald’s restaurant. The stool’s seat was unsteady and tipped causing the client to fall.

$180,000 Settlement for Fractured Shoulder.

 The client tripped and fell on a raised block of cement on a sidewalk. She sustained a fractured shoulder requiring surgery. The client did not work, therefore, there were no lost earnings.

$180,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall On Ice. 

It had stopped snowing a few days before our client’s fall. The homeowner failed to clear the sidewalk.

$175,000 Settlement for a Fractured Clavicle and Torn Rotator Cuff during Construction.

 Our client worked for a contractor renovating an apartment in Queens. He sustained a fractured clavicle and a torn rotator cuff requiring surgery when a door fell on him. The door had been taken-off the door frame and was stacked astride a wall. There were significant issues of how the accident happened as well as whether defendant was responsible for the door.

$175,000 Settlement for Sidewalk Fall Resulting in Jaw Fracture.

 The client tripped and fell on a sidewalk defect in front of an apartment house in Brooklyn. She sustained a fractured jaw.

$170,000 Settlement for Fractured Knee.

 The client, a pedestrian, was struck by a vehicle and sustained a tibial plateau fracture requiring an open reduction with internal fixation. No lost earning were involved.

$160,200 Verdict for Taxi Accident.

 We represented a cab passenger, who sustained a lumbar herniated disc and post-traumatic shock syndrome. The pre-verdict offer was a mere $10,000.

$157,500 Settlement for Wrist Injuries.

 The client was part of a team delivering a large air conditioning unit which was being lifted by crane. The crane’s boom snapped causing the unit to crash onto the truck’s flatbed where the client was standing. The client was thrown off the truck to the ground and suffered various wrist injuries with time out of work.

$155,000 Settlement for Ankle Fracture.

 Our client sustained an ankle fracture as a result of a fall on a sidewalk.

$150,000 Settlement for Torn Meniscus.

 The client, a pedestrian, sustained a torn meniscus with corrective surgery.

$150,000 Settlement for Torn Rotator Cuff (Surgery).

 The client was injured when crossing a street. Fortunately, the client, a free-lance writer and curator, had no loss of income.

$150,000 for arm fracture.

 The client was a passenger and sustained a fracture of the arm involving surgery and a hospital admission of two weeks.

$130,000 Settlement for Wrist Injury from Construction.

 The client sustained a nonspecific wrist injury when he almost fell through a weak spot on a sidewalk bridge. A safety line prevented him from falling through the hole onto the sidewalk. He had reinjured his wrist which had been fractured previously.

$125,000 for Torn Meniscus from a Sidewalk Fall.

 The client tripped and fell due to a broken sidewalk on West 34th Street in Manhattan. She sustained a torn meniscus which did not require surgery. The client had pre-existing injuries.

$125,000 for Fractured Hip in Nursing Home.

 Our client, a resident of a nursing home in Queens, fractured her hip. We claimed that the nursing home staff knew that she was a fall risk, but it failed to supervise her and left her alone when she was standing while washing.

$103,000 Settlement for Property Damage and Bodily Injury from Fuel Oil Leak.

 The client sustained property damage to their home as well as a temporary displacement from their home for many months due to an overflow of home heating oil. The oil company was pumping the oil into the home tank, and it failed to notice that the tank had been overfilled. The clients also sustained some respiratory injuries as a result of inhaling the oil.

$100,790 Verdict for Building Collapse.

 A verdict was obtained against the homeowners’ insurer who denied the claim on the basis that the damage was by termites. We proved that the wording in the policy was ambiguous and that a collapse should be covered.

$100,000 Settlement on Life Insurance.

 The client’s fiance died in South America, and the insurance company balked at paying because it questioned whether the insured actually died. We got the insurance company to pay the full policy.

$100,000 Settlement for Elderly Client from His Stock Broker.

 This 92 year old client made a personal loan to this stock broker 6 years earlier, and the broker never paid it back under one excuse or another. Upon our filing suit against both the broker and his employer, we were able to conduct a mediation among the parties at the client’s nursing home, and we obtained a full recovery of the client’s loan including certain payment guarantees from the employer.

$100,000 for crush injury to girl’s foot.

 Our client, a six year old girl, sustained a crush injury to her foot when a piano fell on her while she was waiting backstage to perform in her dance school’s recital. An upright piano was unsteady and tipped-over easily. There was also a lack of supervision by the dance studio.

Multiple Auto Theft Claims.

 We have recovered for clients where their insurance had denied on a phony claim that the client was involved in the theft. We had many auto theft claims involving high and medium value motor vehicles.

Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome.