We Have Handled Hundreds of Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Bike and motorcycle accidents involve some initial, special considerations, such as:

  • Payment of the injured client’s medical bills including the initial hospital and ambulance bills and future medical care
  • Arranging treatment with physicians and health care professionals, such as surgeons, physical therapists, and medical testing facilities
  • Getting lost income and other expense reimbursement for the injured client

Bicycle and motorcycle accidents typically involve a collision with a motor vehicle, such as a private car, truck, bus, police vehicle, ambulance, or another biker. Some accidents have involved roadway defects or a defective bicycle which caused the biker’s injuries.

Some illustrative accidents include:

  • A collision between a cyclist and a motor vehicle, e.g., a private car, taxi, bus, truck, or police vehicle
  • A collision between two motorcyclists
  • An accident caused by negligent construction, such as where contractors left a rope hanging above a bike path which caught our client by the neck and caused him to fall from his bike
  • A fall from a bicycle due to dangerous road conditions, such as a negligent repaving of a street
  • An accident caused by a defective bike rented from CitiBikes.

Each case involves its own set of unique facts as to defendant’s responsibility, available insurance, and medical injuries. We urge that you to call us for a free consultation if you have been injured.