New York Vacation Accident Attorneys

Accidents happen at the most unpredictable and unlucky times, such as during a vacation. If you have been injured while on vacation, we can help you.

Of course, your first priority is to treat your injuries and to get home safely.  We have had clients depart a cruise and make separate hotel and travel arrangements to get back home.

If possible, do some investigation on your own before departing.   Your travel companion may be able to do this.  For example, make sure that you have reported the incident to either the cruise ship (e.g., the purser) or the hotel.  Gather the names, positions and email addresses of all those involved.  Take some photographs if possible.

As with all cases, hire an attorney upon your return from the trip.  Early investigation can make or break a case.

We also suggest that you contact an attorney in your locality rather than shop around the internet for an attorney.  Have your local attorney locate, screen, and hire an out-of-state or foreign attorney for you.

Of course, we prefer to bring a claim and a lawsuit in New York or your locality.  However, there are times where suit must be brought somewhere else.  For example, we may not have jurisdiction over a defendant in New York.  Or in the case of a cruise ship, we may have to bring suit where the cruise company is headquartered which is often Miami, Florida.   In those instances, we hire top, local counsel to handle the case.

Last, the laws of recovery are different in foreign countries.