At the Law Office of Mark E. Seitelman we are driven by our desire to help our clients achieve justice. Below you’ll find a sampling of featured case results that we’ve achieved on behalf of our clients. To see a complete list of case results click here.

Success Stories


Sam James fell down a chimney. Although this sounds fantastic, Sam fell down an abandoned chimney while doing construction work on the roof of St. Francis College in Brooklyn.  The chimney was unmarked and covered with thin plywood. While working on the roof, Sam stepped onto the weak plywood which collapsed beneath his feet.  While falling… Read More

  • $1,230,000

Juan Esposito

The client was the innocent victim of an auto accident where the defendant entered the wrong way onto the New Jersey Turnpike.  Our client, his livery vehicle and another vehicle were involved in the accident. The client sustained a fractured  leg involving two  surgeries.  He also received extensive physical therapy and sought compensation for his… Read More

The deceased’s ex-wife commenced suit to stop payment of two life insurance policies on the grounds that her ex-husband, our client, was mentally incompetent when he lowered her share and gave shares to his fiancé, an old college friend, and an animal rights group. We represented these other beneficiaries. The ex-wife had already collected her… Read More

The client slipped on a freshly painted surface. He was caused to slip and hit the wall. He did not fall. One of the subcontractors painted a joist, and this was done without the client’s knowledge. He was the supervisor of the project. The client had a pre-existing back problem (two prior surgeries), and he… Read More

$1,000,000 Settlement for Quadriplegic Client Regarding Health Insurance Coverage. Our client was receiving around the clock nursing care from his health insurer. GHI sought to cut-off his home health care, and our suit caused them to agree to restore and pay for home health care, at least until client turned 65 years of age when… Read More

$1,000,000 Verdict for Back Injuries from Truck Collision. Our client was a passenger in a van, rear-ended by an oil truck. He underwent a lumbar laminectomy, which resulted in permanent disability. We collected the insurance limits.

Charlie Radcheck’s disability insurer did not believe that Charlie’s seizures would disable him as a car service driver. Charlie had a motor vehicle accident which at first blush appeared to be minor. There was not much property damage, and he did not go to an emergency room. However, as a result of the collision, Charlie developed… Read More

Rafi Mahmoud died in a motor vehicle accident on a visit to his native Pakistan. A goat wandered into the roadway, and Rafi crashed trying to avoid the goat. Rafi’s family made a claim for his life insurance, but it was denied. Rafi’s family came to us. Rafi had lived in Queens, New York, and he was a… Read More

John Tucci was struck by a police car while standing on the side of his disabled vehicle.  The police blamed the entire accident on John. John’s vehicle became disabled in the right lane when he collided with the guard rail on the Taconic Parkway in Westchester County.  He got out to inspect the damage.  While… Read More

Winifred (“Winny”) Fields suffered terrible burns when she was trying to clean her kitchen. Winny was burned when using an insect fogger which exploded.  Ironically, this product was called La Bomba. Winny was rushed to Kings County Hospital before being transferred to the Burn Unit of New York Hospital and Cornell Medical Center.  She was… Read More

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