The client was the innocent victim of an auto accident where the defendant entered the wrong way onto the New Jersey Turnpike.  Our client, his livery vehicle and another vehicle were involved in the accident.

The client sustained a fractured  leg involving two  surgeries.  He also received extensive physical therapy and sought compensation for his absence from work.

Aside from obtaining an excellent settlement, the case was remarkable in that the client’s automobile insurer refused to pay any medical bills on its no fault coverage. It claimed the client was working at the time of the accident.  We proceeded to the Workers Compensation Board and obtained a finding, sustained on appeal, that our client was not working.   Our client’s insurance company refused to accept this ruling, and it brought a lawsuit in the New York Supreme Court to get a declaration that it did not have to cover the medical bills and lost income.  We obtained a dismissal of the lawsuit, and, finally the client’s insurer conceded that it had to pay the many thousands in medical bills.