Success Stories


Billy Ray James was a truck driver. He had a motor vehicle accident which injured his back and required had surgery. Billy Ray’s insurance company refused to pay benefits even though Billy Ray qualified for Social Security Disability. We had to bring suit, and the insurance company settled for $290,000 for a buy-out of the policy and past benefits…. Read More

Laura Goldberg, an elderly widow living Flatbush, Brooklyn, tripped and fell on a sidewalk on Kings Highway while Con Edison was running cables and doing other work. There were insufficient warning signs and protective barriers to warn pedestrians and to prevent injuries. As a result, Laura sustained fractured teeth requiring extensive dental reconstruction. We obtained… Read More

Susie James died when her automobile crashed on an upstate New York highway on a snowy night. It appeared that Susie lost control of her car due to the snow and ice. There were a number of accidents that night. However, Susie’s life insurer, New York Life, claimed that Susie died from driving while intoxicated. Slight intoxication was indicated… Read More

Javier Gonzalez, a beverage truck driver, was injured when he slipped and fell on icy sidewalk in front of a private home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He was on his way to work. The homeowner failed to clear the sidewalk. The snow had stopped falling a few days before Javier’s fall, and the owner had plenty… Read More

Janet Rubinacci, a Queens housewife, fell on a broken sidewalk in her Glendale neighborhood. She sustained an ankle fracture injury. The sidewalk was badly broken, a fact known to the City. The City had a record of the broken sidewalk through a prior notice map provided by the Big Apple Pothole and Sidewalk Protection Corporation. Although aware… Read More

Kristin Bajaj lost her diamond engagement ring. She noticed that it was missing when she was shopping at Food Emporium. Fortunately, Kristin insured the ring for its full value of $35,000 on her renter’s policy with Allstate. However, Allstate refused to pay. We filed suit against Allstate. It had no defense, and it paid the agreed… Read More

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