Rafi Mahmoud died in a motor vehicle accident on a visit to his native Pakistan. A goat wandered into the roadway, and Rafi crashed trying to avoid the goat.

Rafi’s family made a claim for his life insurance, but it was denied. Rafi’s family came to us.

Rafi had lived in Queens, New York, and he was a car service driver. He had taken-out life insurance here to benefit his family in Pakistan whom he supported.

Rafi’s family made a claim, but it was denied by Mutual of Omaha. Mutual denied on the basis that Rafi misrepresented his income in this application for insurance. Rafi stated in the application that he was a contractor and earned about $350,000 per year. In reality, he was a car service driver earning about $45,000 per year. Met Life claimed that if it had known that Rafi were a cab driver and earning much less, it would not have issued a high limit policy. Therefore, Rafi made a material misrepresentation in obtaining the policy, and the policy was void from inception.

Mutual of Omaha also had questions about Rafi’s death and whether this was a staged accident and death. Mutual’s investigator went to the small town in Pakistan where the accident happened and where Rafi was buried. Mutual was satisfied that Rafi died.

We filed suit against Mutual. Eventually, Mutual agreed to a substantial settlement of $499,000.

The names have been changed to protect our client’s identity. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.