Winifred (“Winny”) Fields suffered terrible burns when she was trying to clean her kitchen.

Winny was burned when using an insect fogger which exploded.  Ironically, this product was called La Bomba.

Winny was rushed to Kings County Hospital before being transferred to the Burn Unit of New York Hospital and Cornell Medical Center.  She was admitted for 2 months, during which time she underwent skin grafts to one leg and to her buttocks.

Winny sustained psychological injuries in addition to her burns.  A beautiful woman, Winny no longer viewed herself as attractive.  Although Winny took care of her burns, she neglected her psychological injuries.  We sent her to a psychologist for treatment of her post-traumatic stress syndrome.

We hired a chemist who showed that La Bomba was unduly flammable since a flammable propellant was used.  The chemist for the defense maintained that the use of a flammable propellant was standard in the industry and that a non-flammable propellant would not be effective.  The defense also claimed that the explosion was caused by Winny’s failure to extinguish the stove’s pilot light in contravention of the can’s warnings.

The case went to a much contested trial.  During the trial, the defense agreed to a settlement of $310,000.

*The client name has been changed to protect the client identity.

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