The deceased’s ex-wife commenced suit to stop payment of two life insurance policies on the grounds that her ex-husband, our client, was mentally incompetent when he lowered her share and gave shares to his fiancé, an old college friend, and an animal rights group. We represented these other beneficiaries. The ex-wife had already collected her… Read More

$1,000,000 Settlement for Quadriplegic Client Regarding Health Insurance Coverage. Our client was receiving around the clock nursing care from his health insurer. GHI sought to cut-off his home health care, and our suit caused them to agree to restore and pay for home health care, at least until client turned 65 years of age when… Read More

Rafi Mahmoud died in a motor vehicle accident on a visit to his native Pakistan. A goat wandered into the roadway, and Rafi crashed trying to avoid the goat. Rafi’s family made a claim for his life insurance, but it was denied. Rafi’s family came to us. Rafi had lived in Queens, New York, and he was a… Read More

Billy Ray James was a truck driver. He had a motor vehicle accident which injured his back and required had surgery. Billy Ray’s insurance company refused to pay benefits even though Billy Ray qualified for Social Security Disability. We had to bring suit, and the insurance company settled for $290,000 for a buy-out of the policy and past benefits…. Read More

Kristin Bajaj lost her diamond engagement ring. She noticed that it was missing when she was shopping at Food Emporium. Fortunately, Kristin insured the ring for its full value of $35,000 on her renter’s policy with Allstate. However, Allstate refused to pay. We filed suit against Allstate. It had no defense, and it paid the agreed… Read More