$1,000,000 Verdict for Back Injuries from Truck Collision. Our client was a passenger in a van, rear-ended by an oil truck. He underwent a lumbar laminectomy, which resulted in permanent disability. We collected the insurance limits.

Charlie Radcheck’s disability insurer did not believe that Charlie’s seizures would disable him as a car service driver. Charlie had a motor vehicle accident which at first blush appeared to be minor. There was not much property damage, and he did not go to an emergency room. However, as a result of the collision, Charlie developed… Read More

John Tucci was struck by a police car while standing on the side of his disabled vehicle.  The police blamed the entire accident on John. John’s vehicle became disabled in the right lane when he collided with the guard rail on the Taconic Parkway in Westchester County.  He got out to inspect the damage.  While… Read More

Susie James died when her automobile crashed on an upstate New York highway on a snowy night. It appeared that Susie lost control of her car due to the snow and ice. There were a number of accidents that night. However, Susie’s life insurer, New York Life, claimed that Susie died from driving while intoxicated. Slight intoxication was indicated… Read More